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Suwanee Roofing: Article About Weather Damage

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The most common type of weather damage that Suwanee roofing companies deal with is shingle staining. In the worst scenario, staining is caused by rain seeping beneath the shingles where it can cause further damage, but in the most common scenario, staining is simply due to algae. Algae is prevalent due to humidity, and although such stains are unsightly, they will generally not cause further damage. When installing a new roof, homeowners can opt for algae resistant shingles, but for an existing roof, cleaning is an option as is zinc or copper shields installed along the roof ridgeline.

Other common types of weather damage occur due to storms. If winds are strong enough, then wind, rain and debris in the air can crack shingles, cause them to tear and even rip them off the roof entirely. Homeowners should visually inspect a roof after every substantial storm, and if damage has occurred, deal with it immediately in order to avoid the big repair costs that can come with long term damage.

Although a broken shingle is an obvious indication of damage, keep in mind that the signs of roof damage can be much more subtle. Hail and other objects can bruise and event dent shingles. Similar damage can occur to flashing and other aspects of the roof.

The roofing experts at Schantz Home Improvement of Suwanee GA can assist you with any questions regarding windows or doors.

This type of damage can often be seen from the ground, but it may require careful inspection and viewing the area from multiple angles.

Flashing as well as pipe and vent boots can be damaged in other ways. Flashing can begin to rust over time. Boots and other seals can begin to crack and break down. It is often necessary to use a sealant, such as silicone caulk, along flashing and other seals, and that sealant can begin to peel up or even rot. If the consistency becomes compromised, then rainwater can begin to seep into the join or seem that the sealant was applied to protect.

Snow and ice can pose problems as well, and in areas where snow and ice are uncommon, homeowners can be less prepared to look for the problem signs. Heavy snow is a common cause of roof damage and should be removed if possible to perform safely. Additionally, ice and snow melting can expose non obvious areas of the roof that require maintenance. After heavy snow or ice, particularly in an area that does not get much of that kind of weather, a professional roof inspection is a sound decision.

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