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Suwanee Roofing: Article About Understanding Modern Roof Leak Barriers

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If homeowners take a close look at their roofs, they will notice several layers of protection added by a qualified Suwanee roofing professional. Across the roof deck is layers of felt, shingles and flashing, for instance. A modern leak barrier may be added instead of the roofing felt, however, allowing homeowners to benefit from an alternative material that lasts longer than other traditional roofing choices.

Roofing underlayments can be constructed of several materials, from bitumen to synthetic fibers. Modern leak barriers incorporate fiberglass into their structures. Fiberglass is often associated with household insulation, but it's also useful in leak barriers because of its strength. The stringy glass pieces allow the material to flex under pressure while still maintaining its shape. This strength and flexibility are crucial during installation and seasonal weathering stresses, such as extreme cold or heat.

Fiberglass leak barriers also have an improved aesthetic effect across the roof. Shingles must lay flat to work properly against household leaks while offering a pleasing appearance from the ground. A lumpy roof appearance caused by bulky roofing felts is unsightly and potentially harmful to the structure. Fiberglass leak barriers force the material into a flat position and keeps it there. Any shingle installations on top of the barrier are instantly flush with the roof deck.

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Roof penetrations, such as skylights and pipes, are prime locations for leaks into the structure. Although flashing is used around penetrations to funnel water away from the home, modern leak barriers provide even more protection. If any water seeps between the flashing and penetration, the barrier stops the moisture from harming the wood deck below. Because of the barrier's versatility, roofers apply it to all surfaces, including rake edges, ridges and valleys.

Shingles usually have a lifespan of about 20 or 30 years. Because underlayments aren't exposed to weathering like shingles, they don't normally need to have a long warranty or guaranteed lifespan. However, fiberglass leak barriers are usually warrantied for as long as shingles. These barriers are both long lasting and strong, especially because they're protected by a shingle layer. When roofs have leak barriers installed by professionals, they'll last for decades with the proper maintenance schedule.

Contractors usually discuss different underlayments with homeowners before a project begins. Residents could ask for samples to truly understand the physical differences between materials, for example. With ample material knowledge from the professional, homeowners can select a roofing leak barrier that withstands some of the worst weather in the region.

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