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Suwanee Roofing: Article About Storm Damage To The Roof

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Storms can wreak havoc on buildings. Many parts of the United States are known for the strength of their storms. Property owners prepare in many different ways, but unfortunately, a roof can't be protected. In the event of hail, strong wind, ice and other strong weather, the roof can and often will sustain damage. The damage can go unseen by someone who doesn't know where to look. Knowing where to look to find both minor and potentially major damage can make a big difference.

The best policy with regard to the roof of a building is to address problems immediately. Letting a problem sit can only lead to bigger problems later. Calling a Suwanee roofing professional immediately after determining a repair need to the roof is very important. Sometimes roofing problems will be easy to spot, but often they are not as visible at a glance.

Metal roofing, for example, may have dents present due to hail damage. Vents in the metal are particularly susceptible to hail damage. Look for missing panels as a result of high wind. These will be very easy to spot and must be repaired immediately. Even though the metal roof will sustain severe weather, it is still possible for them to become damaged and in need of repair.

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular residential roof in the United States.

The roofing experts at Schantz Home Improvement of Suwanee GA can assist you with any questions regarding windows or gutters.

This type of roof is also more likely to sustain damage after severe weather than other roofing materials. Maintenance on asphalt roofing is required anyway on a routine basis but especially after severe weather. Look for dented parts of the roof to indicate damage. When shingles are torn either in part or in total, repair is necessary to avoid leaking. Wood roofs can easily incur broken tiles after a storm. Often, hail and debris is the cause of such damage to wood roofing.

Looking inside the building is also extremely important to determine if there is damage to the roof. Stains resulting from water leaks in the attic or near to the roofline may be visible. Checking the insulation around the roof for moisture is also important. Moisture in insulation can result in mold, which in addition to a roof leak can create a health hazard. Checking for debris like tree limbs is important as this can damage roofing materials as well as the roofline itself.

Letting a roofing professional look over the area is certainly important after severe weather. They can help provide guidance in working with insurance companies. A roofing professional will also be able to properly identify if repairs are necessary or a full or partial replacement must be done.

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