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The front entrance is the first thing visitors see and the first line of defense against intruders. Finding the right door to fit a home is important. When looking at houses in Suwanee roofing, siding, windows and doors are what provide the curb appeal. An old worn out door is less secure and can greatly reduce a home's attractiveness. There are plenty of great options available for replacing an entry door. Before going shopping for one, decide what features are a priority. Different materials excel in different areas. Deciding between energy efficiency, increased security and pleasing aesthetics is not an issue when the homeowner knows which materials work best in each situation.

Steel entry doors are the most cost effective models out there. They also offer the greatest protection from forced entry. Modern steel doors provide good energy efficiency, especially when they are insulated internally. It may come as a surprise to many, but steel doors are not the most durable. Steel dents and scratches more easily than wood or fiberglass. Even minor damage to the paint will expose the metal to moisture and cause rusting. Still, they require less work to care for than wood, and they are easier on the budget.

Fiberglass doors are available in the widest variety of styles and finishes.

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The price goes up a bit versus comparable steel doors, but they are almost as strong. The foam core makes these doors lightweight and provides excellent insulation against sound and heat. Fiberglass does not dent and won't scratch easily. Maintenance is quite easy as scratches can be easily touched up, and moisture does no damage. Fiberglass is a great option for entry doors that must perform well and look good at the same time.

Wood doors can't be beat for their classic look and solid feel. That classic look will cost a bit more though. Wood doors are available in solid and laminated varieties. Modern laminating techniques provide increased strength and resistance to the elements. Wood doors provide decent insulation and vary in strength depending on the type of wood used in construction. Wood is the most susceptible to weather and will require refinishing every few years. Wood doors are the top choice when the look must be just right.

Whichever material homeowners choose, there are many options available to further customize the look and function. Choosing a qualified contractor to install the new door assures homeowners get the best performance and longest life from their purchase.

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