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Suwanee Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Cedar Roofing

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Cedar wood roofing is among the best options for those looking for a beautiful, natural appearance. Beyond the gorgeous look of cedar wood shingles and shakes, it is durable, environmentally friendly and very long lasting. Maintenance is required to keep the roof in top condition, and understanding the nuances of cedar roofing is very important.

Speaking with a Suwanee roofing contractor about what options exist in cedar wood shingles or shakes is a great first step. Property owners have a choice between white or red cedar. Both are excellent roofing materials, but white cedar is typically less expensive. White cedar can also come from younger growth trees. Red cedar is still the most commonly used wood for roofing and has a distinctive reddish brown heart.

From an environmental perspective, cedar roofs are one of the most eco friendly products available. Not only do the roofs last over 50 years, but since they are natural materials, the shingles or shakes can be recycled into yard mulch at the end of the life cycle. They are also very energy efficient. With natural insulation, they keep the attic for getting too hot or too cold due to outside temperatures.

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Regulated temperatures keep the energy costs for the building much lower.

Cedar wood roofing is simply beautiful without the need to paint the shingles or shakes. The wood boasts a natural appearance that gives each shingle a somewhat different appearance. Cedar shingles and shakes fit on a wide variety of homes all over the world. They are aesthetically pleasing and add value to the property.

Maintenance is one consideration that must be thought about before installing a cedar roof. To keep the roof beautiful and at peak efficiency, routine maintenance must be performed. Talking with the roofing contractor about the treatment of the shingles or shakes for fire resistance is very important.

One of the more important functions of a roof is how it drains the rain. Checking the roof a few times annually for debris is important for the purpose of keeping proper drainage. Leaves, limbs, sticks and any other debris on the roof or in the gutters will prevent proper drainage. Pressure washing cedar roofs will help to remove the growth of moss, mold or mildew. Having a roofing contractor inspect the roof once a decade or so is another good idea. Without this periodic restoration and maintenance, the roof will not last its full life expectancy.

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