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Our company, Schantz Home Improvement, provides clients with a variety of window services, including all manner of repairs and replacements. If the customer is not sure what types of windows they will need, we will be more than happy to review options, which include double hung, casement, bay windows and vinyl replacement windows. During this initial consultation, our company will ask the customer what they are looking for in terms of aesthetic appeal and energy savings. We will also ask about preferred materials and what kind of budget the client has to work with before they look into the installation process itself. All of our companies' professionals are very courteous and pay attention to the details when it comes to choosing a good system for the homeowner's needs.

Our company can offer its clients several unique window frame materials to choose from, including fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum and wood. These frames can be matched with every window style, providing clients with infinite possibilities. Every window type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and our professionals will explain the differences to help beginning clients learn more about what windows will be best suited for their homes. This can help make the selection process much easier on the homeowner.

In addition to window replacement and installation options, our companies' contractors can also take care of any necessary repairs. If the homeowner is struggling with damaged or rotted framing or needs to have new paneling installed, Schantz professionals can help. We provide full replacements, helping clients cut down on costs in repairs and energy bills by installing newer and more energy efficient windows. Schantz experts can also provide clients with fold in windows, which can help make cleaning much easier, eliminating the need of a ladder and the chance of an accident.

Our company has installation options to help reduce external sources of noise. Modern window technology helps soften loud outdoor sounds, guaranteeing peace from intense traffic and other noise. Our specialists understand that each customer is different, and they focus on providing personalized solutions for every unique situation, guaranteeing results no matter what their clients need.

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