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Our experts at Schantz Home Improvement focus on providing unbeatable services in all aspects of home renovation. One of the most common projects that homeowners contact our company for is the installation and replacement of their home's siding. While there is little variation in the way that different groups prepare for this procedure, our company, Schantz, focuses on a thorough job every time. In order to achieve the best results, we outline all of the tools and materials they will need to cover every part of the project. Many of the tools are vital to help ensure accurate results. Almost all siding projects will use the following tools to make all of the necessary cuts and measurements.

First, all our specialists begin by donning their safety goggles, gloves and other pieces of safety equipment. Once they are ready, we assemble a chalk line, carpenter's rule and steel measuring tape. These are all critical to making sure that the appropriate measurements are taken for the strips of siding. A carpenter's metal square and leveling device are also important, as they will help our contractor prepare the cuts and make sure that they are in line with all of the other pieces. The higher the accuracy of the cuts and measurements, the better the appearance of the job itself.

Once all of the measuring tools are ready for use, our contractors will need to prepare the workplace and assemble the cutting and utility tools. For this aspect, our contractors will need a screwdriver, utility knife, pliers and claw hammer as a standard part of any project. For the siding itself, our professionals will need a nail slot punch and a snap lock punch to help prepare the siding strips for installation. For the cutting itself, professionals will need a carpenter's saw and hacksaw. Most siding projects will also require a power saw to be on site in order to make larger cuts possible. All of the aforementioned equipment is usually checked beforehand to make sure that it is functioning as necessary. When all of the tools are assembled, our professionals will begin the project.

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