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Schantz Home Improvement repairs and replaces rain gutters that are beginning to malfunction. Some types of gutter systems are easier to repair than others, depending on its material such as vinyl or aluminum. However, signs of age and obvious wear along large sections of an existing system may require a complete replacement. The process is usually cheaper than performing individual repairs, and it can also add resale value to the home, especially if a more advanced system is chosen. The installation process is usually straightforward and does not require much variation from home to home.

Our contractors begin by preparing the correct number of downspouts and attachment brackets for the job. We make sure to use a chalk line to measure the appropriate layout and determine what lengths they will need to cut in the gutter material itself. Fascia brackets will usually be attached along every other rafter tail, so it is important to measure appropriately.

Once the equipment is ready, our professionals will measure the line and determine the starting point for the system. We will mark a point on the fascia, usually 3 centimeters below the roof flashing and use this point to determine the rest of the installation. With that section planned, our experts will find the ending point after calculating the gutter's slope to determine optimal runoff.

When the gutter is sized appropriately, the gutter brackets are installed. These brackets will snap onto the gutter system or be mounted onto the face board, and the difference usually depends on the types of gutters purchased. Once these are set, the professionals will mark the location for the gutter's downspout opening.

With this step complete, our contractors attach the downspout connector to the gutter and make sure that the end cap is secure. We may use any variety of sealants to ensure that the job is done well. No matter the strength of the sealant, our professionals are always careful when they test it. With the brackets set and the gutter put together, they mount it to the home. At this point, the procedure is complete, and we may perform some extra testing to find out if the system is sturdy enough for the client's needs.

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