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Most repair contractors work hard, but because finding the lowest possible price is important to many homeowners, it's easy to hire a roofer with low standards. About 70 percent of home renovation related complaints to the Better Business Bureau are related to problems with roofers, but to be fair, sometimes these problems aren't the contractor's fault. Shingle makers can only offer limited warranties on roofing materials, even if all materials used on a roof come from the same manufacturer, because many warranty claims are caused by faulty home wiring, attic insulation and other factors out of the shingle maker's control.

Typically, under the best conditions, the homeowner is left with about 20 percent liability for the cost of the roof, but when a contractor without certification is hired, the liability can increase to more than 50 percent. When a GAF Master Elite contractor is hired, homeowners can get a warranty that covers the replacement of all materials as well as the teardown and disposal of existing materials at no cost. When searching for a Marietta roofing contractor, it makes sense to look for GAF Master Elite roofers because the materials and labor needed to qualify for a no liability warranty only cost about 10 percent more than a standard roof.

The reason GAF offers total warranty coverage on materials and labor is that the company sends a factory technician to the home to perform a thorough inspection of the finished roof.

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If there is a problem, the Master Elite contractor has to fix it on the spot, and once the roof passes inspection, the homeowner doesn't have to worry about roof damage for the next 50 years. GAF doesn't offer this level of coverage to just any certified roofer who uses GAF shingles, ice and water shielding and felt lining. The roofer has to meet strict financial and business requirements in order to be independently verified by GAF, including at least seven years in business, positive feedback from customers, good credit rating and a history of paying bills on time.

Only 3 percent of roofers qualify to be Master Elite contractors who can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, and getting this warranty means there is simply no chance of having a complaint to file with the BBB. The Golden Pledge Warranty is more of a factory certified new roof than a typical warranty, and it has many of the benefits of a newly manufactured product, including non prorated lifetime coverage. Considering the importance of a roof and the fact that it only represents 4 percent of a home's cost, investing in a warranty is an economical choice for homeowners.

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