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Marietta Roofing: Article About Understanding Roof Warranties

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Every roof installation comes with some warranty coverage, giving homeowners some protection against defects and poor workmanship. Even when a Marietta roofing professional installs materials perfectly, issues may arise that require skilled repairs. Because roof installations are major investments, homeowners should understand which potential problems are covered under warranty to lower possible charges outside of the policy.

Almost all roofing materials come with product coverage. If shingles have any defects, such as manufacturing tears, this problem could affect a home's leak free construction. Manufacturing defects are often difficult to prove, however, unless problems are documented by a professional. Material manufacturers use a multi point factory inspection to ensure all products are within specifications, for example. Contractors would need professional notations regarding defect type and possible causes to submit the claim to the manufacturer.

In most cases, roof issues arise from workmanship issues. Although professionals have years of experience and education, mistakes can happen. Homeowners should read over the warranty regarding workmanship, which is wholly covered by the contractor. Reputable roofers stand by their work, making their warranty agreement as fair as possible for both parties.

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If nails are misaligned or missing from some shingles, for instance, contractors can repair these anomalies at no charge to the homeowner.

Be aware that all warranty types are usually dependent on regular maintenance schedules. Generally, roofs should be inspected once a year for any missing sections. It should also be cleaned along the surface and within gutters. With documented maintenance each year at a minimum, manufacturers and roofing companies must keep their warranty coverage intact for any possible problems.

If residents are selling or buying a home that's still under a warranty contract, they must find out if the coverage is transferable. Although many contracts are automatically changed over to new owners, it's possible that fees could be involved. Residents must contact the original installer and material manufacturer to verify coverage and transfer fees. This contacting process also gives residents a chance to provide their information for instant contractual coverage. If any roof issues occur just after a real estate transaction, the new residents will have guaranteed coverage to save on costs.

Homeowners are welcome to have a legal professional look over any warranty agreements. Although most contracts are standard, there may be some stipulations that are specific to a particular brand. Understanding the warranty gives homeowners a chance to discuss their concerns with contractors to cover all possible defect scenarios.

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