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Marietta Roofing: Article About Removing and Preventing Algae Stains

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Discoloration of asphalt shingles is generally due to black or greenish algae colonies. Humidity is conducive to algae growth, so this kind of discoloration is very prevalent in areas that experience long periods of high humidity. This type of algae staining can be so widespread on a roof that it is almost uniform. In other instances, the staining will appear as large blotches or as long streaks running down the roof. The most prominent factor that dictates the pattern of staining is exposure to direct sunlight.

When installing a new roof or performing a roof replacement, most Marietta roofing companies prefer to use algae resistant shingles or a roofing material with an algae resistant coating. Such products are a very effective and cost efficient means of preventing algae and similar substances over the life of the material. These products are not usually an option for existing roofs, but they can make sense for partial reroofing projects in some scenarios, particularly if the reroofing occurs in a problem area.

In some cases, a solution of bleach and water applied to the roof during the period of high humidity can be enough to prevent roof staining.

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For small homes, a garden hose attachment can be used, and for larger homes, a pressure washer can be used. When stains have already set in, it is usually necessary to mix a strong cleaning agent in with the bleach and water, and such a solution should be applied by a professional in order to ensure comprehensive coverage.

In some areas, the formation of algae stains is a slow process, and in that instance, algae prevention and algae resistant roofing materials may not be the most cost effective options. In such areas, homeowners should treat the roof once at the beginning of summer, and then perform a visual inspection of the roof at the conclusion of the summer to ensure that the application worked.

If inspections, preventive measures and professional cleaning are required more frequently than that to keep the algae at bay, the continued expense is not practical. A more cost effective option would be to install an algae shield. Algae shields are generally made from copper or zinc and installed at the ridgeline, which is where the two sides of the roof come together. This ensures that each side of the roof is regularly treated, and if the roof is already in a clean state when installed, it is usually a highly effective solution.

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