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Whether a roof is showing signs of wear or has started to rot or leak, any homeowner will want their roof replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Generally, a Marietta roofing professional will be able to estimate how long it will take to complete such a project. However, there are times when a project may take longer than expected. What should a homeowner do when delays arise?

Whenever a delay arises, the contractor and the homeowner should communicate either in person, by phone or through electronic means. The reason for the delay should be clearly communicated to the homeowner as well as how long the delay may be. For instance, if it rains during the day, the contractor may tell the homeowner that the project needs to be delayed until the rain stops. Good contractors will use a CRM system that allows them to stay organized and offer timely communication regardless of how busy they are.

In some cases, a delay could arise due to a manufacturer not having materials in stock or because custom materials are not ready to be shipped to the home. If the delay arises through no fault of the contractor, it may be necessary to wait until materials are ready and work on other parts of the project if it is possible to do so.

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In some cases, a contractor may factor delays into the time estimate given to the homeowner before the project begins. Therefore, short delays may not impact the amount of time it takes to finish the overall project. This may actually make it possible for the job to be completed ahead of time and lead to savings for the customer.

When a contractor does face a delay, it does not necessarily mean that the whole project will have to be pushed back. If a crew is experienced and works together well, it may be able to finish other parts of the project faster. A crew that is committed to finishing a job by a given deadline may also be willing to work longer hours as that deadline gets closer.

Although delays don't always occur when replacing a roof, unforeseen circumstances can change the project's timeline. Therefore, it is important for both a contractor and homeowner to acknowledge them when they occur and find ways to overcome them without sacrificing the overall quality of the finished project or the safety of those doing the work.

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