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With today's push for responsible environmental stewardship, many manufacturers are investigating ways that they can decrease the amount of energy and raw materials it takes to make their products. Because of the desire to conserve resources for future generations and preserve the environment in the best way possible, many companies are looking for ways to use recycled materials in the production of their products.

In their desire to be green, many industries find themselves working together with one industry recycling another industry's waste to form the basis of its environmentally friendly product. The roofing industry and the paving industry are two industries that are working together for their mutual benefit as well as the benefit of the environment and consumers.

Rather than taking them to the landfill, many Marietta roofing companies recycle the old shingles torn off of an older roof. With nearly two-thirds of the roofs in America covered in asphalt shingles, an estimated 10 million pounds of roofing waste has the potential to be made into something else. Right now, recycled asphalt shingles are used primarily as paving material for roads and parking lots.

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After they are taken to a recycling facility, the shingles must first be separated from other roofing waste, like decking, flashing and gutters. A magnet is used to separate steel items such as nails and flashing to be sent to their own recycling process. Next, the shingles are ground into pieces less than a ½ inch. A final pass with a magnet removes any small metal pieces that might interfere with the end user's process. Finally, the ground product is shipped to paving companies for use in their paving projects.

Recycling asphalt shingles has many benefits. Roads that are paved with recycled shingles added into the mix have been shown to be more or equally durable than traditionally paved roads, but without added cost. Roads that last longer cost taxpayers less in the long run. Plus, commuters who experience fewer construction delays as the roads last longer will spend less time idling in traffic, saving both time and precious gas money.

One immediate benefit to homeowners who choose a roofer that recycles is lower costs. Depending on the municipality, roofers could save as much as $20 per load when they choose to recycle instead of throwing away the old roofing materials. Those savings are often passed on to the consumer directly or indirectly, making the recycling of asphalt shingles beneficial for both environmental and financial reasons.

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