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A homeowner looking into having his or her roof done has likely stumbled across the term "fascia boards." Fascia boards are the pieces of wooden trim that run directly beneath the roof. Even though they are technically not part of the roof, an Atlanta roofing company will still take care of them for any interested homeowner.

Fascia boards commonly come in 1 foot by 6 foot wide panels or 1 foot by 8 foot wide panels. They are available in most home supply and hardware stores for homeowners looking to do the installation themselves. However, experts recommend that homeowners use a professional roofing company for the fascia board installation and maintenance. The maintenance is not too involved, but experts agree that it is better to leave it to the pros, especially when it comes time to wrap the boards.

All fascia boards should be wrapped sooner or later, but this is determined by the climate and the layout of the roof. Most experts advise homeowners that the climate makes more of a difference, but both the climate and the roof's design are hugely important in determining when to wrap the fascia boards.

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Homeowners living in a rainy climate are advised to have their fascia boards wrapped sooner rather than later. This is because unwrapped fascia boards tend to stain and perhaps even rot when they are exposed to a lot of moisture on a regular basis. Homeowners are advised to wrap fascia boards as soon as they see staining. This will prolong the life of the boards and prevent stained fascia from ruining the appearance of the home.

Most roofs have an overhang of several inches and gutters running along the edge of the roof. However, some modern roofs are missing one or both of these features. Roofs without an overhang or gutters can be aesthetically pleasing to homeowners. However, this layout leaves the roof totally exposed to the elements. Roofs constructed in this manner should be installed with wrapped fascia boards. This does not always happen as some contractors are eager to complete the job as soon as possible. Homeowners in this situation are advised to wrap their fascia boards immediately.

The actual task of wrapping fascia boards is a simple one for the experienced roofing professional. The roofer would bring specialized metal wrapping material, place it over the fascia boards and simply nail it into place. Properly installed fascia wrapping material will protect fascia boards for decades.

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