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Most reputable Atlanta roofing companies advertise their services as being fully bonded, insured and licensed. While the well informed consumer knows to expect all three from a roofing contractor, the average homeowner may not know what each word means. Understanding the terms is key to knowing what homeowners can and cannot expect, should a roofing project take a turn for the worse. Each of the three qualifications offers the customer greater assurance that the roofing company is reliable and trustworthy.

Bonded companies have taken out a formal bond, known as a surety bond, with a third party. The third party may be a bank or other lending corporation. This binding agreement offers the customer assurance that, even if the bonded company fails to uphold the terms of the contract, the third party will still cover the damages.

On the other hand, insurance covers damages or issues arising during the completion of the work. For example, suppose that roofers accidentally damage a sculpture on the homeowner's property while they are installing the roofing. An insured company will be able to cover the costs of the damage. Notably, this kind of insurance is separate from whatever guarantees a customer may receive as to the longevity or resilience of the roofing itself. In addition to their own insurance, most reputable roofing companies offer their customers some protection from defects in their workmanship.

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Roofing material manufacturers also typically extend warranties on their products.

Licensed or certified roofing companies comply with the accreditation and regulation boards within the given state where they work. Licensing ensures that the roofing company complies with legal standards regarding roof installation. For example, the roofing company may be required to attest to the training of their employees. Licensed roofers may be obliged to pass regular examinations or undergo continuing education to comply with changing ordinances.

In essence, working with a bonded, insured and licensed contractor is key to ensuring reliable workmanship. While it may prove possible to receive good results from an unlicensed amateur roofer, homeowners who take the gamble stand to receive substandard work. Roofing is a critical structural element of any building. Leaving its repair or installation to unskilled workers can cause significant issues down the line. On the other hand, every business that is bonded, insured and licensed does not necessarily measure up to the same standards. In addition to those three criteria, it's a good idea for homeowners to look for a few additional qualifications among any roofing contractors they are considering. Quality roofers can offer references, provide clear and detailed written estimates and typically have years worth of experience.

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