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Wind is one of the biggest threats to a structure's roof, presenting a significant challenge to more than 60 percent of the nation's homes. From hurricanes and tropical storms to tornadoes and stormy weather, wind causes $9 billion in damages to U.S. homes each year. Luckily, roof manufacturers continue to innovate new roofing products to answer this threat, developing roof coverings and adhesives with increasingly better wind resistance.

Local homeowners can take advantage of many of these wind resistant innovations, whether it's time for a new roof or not. Trusted Atlanta roofing professionals can walk homeowners through available retrofitting practices that make existing roofs able to withstand most of Mother Nature's strongest forces. If homeowners are already shopping for a new roof, local roof experts can also guide consumers to products that provide the best wind resistance available.

While shopping for roof products, there are two sets of ratings consumers should understand. One addresses a roof's ability to withstand wind uplift which catches the edges of a home's roof and leads to roof blow offs. The other relates to the roof's strength in sustained surface winds.

ASTM International standards measure and test a roof's resistance to wind uplift according to its ASTM D7158 ratings. Using these standards, a Class D roof maintains its integrity in winds up to 90 miles per hour and Class G shingles resist winds of 120 miles per hour.

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Class H roofs offer the greatest protection at winds up to 150 miles an hour. Asphalt shingle products that successfully pass this wind uplift test bear the ASTM D7158 rating on their labels.

Sustained surface wind forces are measured by ASTM International's D316 standard. These standards test a roof's general ability to withstand wind velocities ranging from 60 mph to 110 mph for a two hour period. Roofs that hold up during this onslaught of fan induced wind at 60 mph are labeled Class A. Class D roofs test successfully at 110 mph, and roofs that can maintain at 110 mph are labeled Class F. These ratings are shown on roofing product labels so consumers can make informed choices.

Wind resistant shingles and other coverings aren't the only important safeguards against wind damage though. Attaching the roof with certain adhesives and six nails per shingle can make the roof more durable in the face of high winds. Worthwhile retrofits for homes in high wind areas also include hurricane straps, braces for gable-end walls and additional wood adhesive for the roof deck and the home's trusses and supports.

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