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Owning a home presents many joys and headaches. While it is nearly impossible to have one without the other, there are some practical things homeowners can do to reduce some of the problems that may arise. Roofing repairs are one such potentially expensive issue, especially if it needs to be replaced. While roof replacements are eventually necessary for every home, if a roof is carefully maintained, homeowners can benefit from a longer life expectancy than if they neglect it. The issue for many homeowners is that they don't know much about roofing systems, so they often don't know where to start. It helps if homeowners have at least a minimal understanding, but annual roofing inspections are also an important and integral resource for the support of ongoing roofing maintenance.

When homeowners contact an Atlanta roofing company to do an annual inspection, they benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a certified professional who is trained to recognize every aspect of a structurally sound roof. A roofing inspector can spot potential problems early on, and this helps homeowners to protect their investment and dramatically extend the life of their existing roof.

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Homeowners should still regularly do surface inspections for obvious problems, but a roofing inspector is looking for both visible and hidden issues of a roofing system.

A roof inspector is trained to look closely at both the interior and exterior components of a roofing system. The exterior inspection should include looking for obvious or hidden leaks, loose or broken shingles, broken or clogged gutters, evidence of ice dams and an examination of chimney point work. The inspector will also thoroughly examine the state of all flashing around the eaves, sidewalls, valleys, rakes and dormers to make sure it is both weather proof and undamaged. The interior part of the inspection is equally important and involves reviewing the condition of insulation, verifying there is an adequate ventilation system and checking for any moisture, mold or decay that might affect the overall structural integrity of a roof.

When a roofing inspector completes their report, it should provide detailed descriptions of all inspection points, the current condition of each point and whether any repairs are needed. Additional comments may include recommendations for changes, repairs or upgrades to the roofing system and how these steps can help to extend the life of a roof or keep it structurally sound. With regular inspections, homeowners can continue to enjoy their home and save money by extending the life of their roof.

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