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Atlanta Roofing: Article About When The Roof Needs Replacing

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The roof is one of the last parts of the home most people think about, but the harm that comes from a faulty roof can be catastrophic. It's vital to know the signs that major damage has occurred or that a completely new roof is necessary. In addition, knowing when a St. Louis roofing contractor should be called is important.

Understanding that a new roof is necessary before damage and issues occur can save a lot of trouble and money. Homeowners should get the roof inspected regularly, keep it maintained and ensure that the roof is in proper condition for peak performance. This helps a property maintain its curb appeal and value.

Roofing inspection is usually done in the spring and fall months each year. Beginning in the attic is best to see if there is any problem with the roof decking. The attic will reveal where leaks may be occurring, signaled by dark water stains. Light shining through the decking is also an indication of a roofing problem. Contacting an Atlanta roofing contractor is an important step in getting a detailed roof inspection.

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Beyond the attic area, the outside will also need to be inspected to figure out if a new roof is necessary. This will involve looking for curling, buckling and especially missing shingles. This should be very easy to identify. In addition, looking for rot or algae growth is important as this can occur in areas with higher humidity. Looking for wear around the vents and chimney is part of the overall outside inspection.

As asphalt roofing degrades over time, the granules will wash away and collect in gutters. This sand like material will be very visible. The gutters must be maintained and kept clear, or the roof itself can be harmed. Just like the gutters themselves, the downspouts must be clear and properly attached.

There's no reason to assume that if there is a roofing problem, a completely new roof is necessary. When speaking with a roofing contractor, they will be quick to discuss repair options, especially if the roof is not particularly old. A roofing professional can list all available options for whatever the problem is. If a completely new roof is needed, homeowners keep the climate in mind. Selecting a roof that is not resistant to fire would not be advisable in a drier climate. Homeowners should consider roofing options that are energy efficient, will save money and be easy on the environment.

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