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Atlanta Roofing: Article About What To Do About Stained Shingles

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Over time, it's fairly common for roofs to change slightly in color. Often, this discoloration is simply the result of weathering or due to direct exposure to the elements. However, in some cases, homeowners find patchy or streaky patterns of discoloration. Often, these streaky black markings are due to a type of algae. Shingle roofs, particularly those made of asphalt shingles, are prone to algae growth in certain environments. Luckily, the algae itself causes no harm to the roofing. On the other hand, many homeowners wish to remove the stains for strictly aesthetic reasons. In that case, it's fairly simple to take action and get the roof looking new again.

As a general rule, it's rarely advisable for unskilled or amateur homeowners to attempt any DIY projects that require them to walk on the roof themselves. However, it's typically possible to clean a roof from the ground or a ladder, making the project feasible for any handy homeowner. On the other hand, for complex, tall or hard to reach roof designs, most Atlanta roofing companies are glad to provide professional grade service.

For the homeowner undertaking the project on his or her own, the first step is to obtain a pump spray mechanism, capable of spraying down the roof. This pump sprayer should be affixed to a tub, barrel or other large reservoir of highly diluted bleach water.

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Typically, a mixture of one part of bleach to two parts of water is sufficient to halt any algae growth.

Once the sprayer attachment is connected to the bleach and water source, the homeowner simply sprays all areas of roofing affected by the algae growth. After spraying down the roof, it's advisable to use a soft window washing brush on a telescoping pole to gently brush down the shingles, working the bleach solution into all of the crevices.

While the cleaning process is quite straightforward, a few tips are invaluable to ensuring that the project goes well. Both before and after cleaning, it's a good idea to spray any plantings along the perimeters of the house. If the plants' leaves are wet, any bleach water is more likely to run right off of them. By the same token, any pets or potted plants should be kept away from the area until after the job is completed.

In addition to the cleaning itself, some homeowners choose to have professional roofing contractors install zinc or copper strips. These strips, which are mounted along the roof ridge, prevent additional algae from forming. Alternately, homeowners looking to replace the roofing might opt for algae resistant shingles for the next repair.

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