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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Understanding Common Roofing Problems

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Homeowners who are concerned about the true cost of owning and maintaining their property may want to familiarize themselves with common Atlanta roofing issues. Because the area has a warm climate and receives abundant rainfall, there are several roof issues that are particularly worrisome, including leaks and inadequate attic and eave ventilation.

Leaks are an issue with any type of roofing, and there are several reasons why shingles and other products fail prematurely. Flat, or built-up, roofs may experience issues when the flashing isn't properly installed. Because the roofs don't have a slope where water can freely flow off the building, problems may occur when excessive rain pools on the roof. Homeowners who have asphalt shingles on their roof may also want to check their property's flashing if they spot water damage or stains on the interior. For residential properties with steep roofs, flashing is commonly installed around plumbing vents, skylights and wall intersections.

While asphalt roofing shingles are designed to provide years of reliable service, issues may still occur. Over time, the sun's bright UV rays may cause the granules to degrade. With shingles, problem signs can appear as blistering, cracking or drying shingles. Homeowners who spot potential issues may want to consult with an experienced contractor before the sheathing underneath the roof has a chance to rot from exposure to the weather.

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Clogged or broken gutters and downspouts are other things for homeowners to keep in mind when they're maintaining their roof. For a gutter to function effectively, it should be designed to hold the amount of water that runs off a home. The water should be safely channeled away from exterior walls to prevent issues with damp walls and erosion. Instead of cleaning leaves and debris from their gutters on a regular basis, a homeowner may want to consider the benefits of a professionally installed gutter helmet system.

Inadequate attic and eave ventilation is another reason why many roofs fail prematurely. During the hot Atlanta summers, warm air has a tendency to rise from inside a cooled living space and may gather in the attic. This excessive heat can bake the asphalt shingles on the roof and cause them to buckle or warp. For this reason, homeowners may want to consider meeting with a contractor that can design and install a ventilation system. The project may be as simple as cutting a small hole along the ridge and installing a product that lets hot air escape.

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