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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Types Of Gutter Covers

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When it's time to clean the gutters again, most homeowners do not enjoy climbing on top of their roof and digging their hands into piles of leaves, dirt and other debris. It can be dangerous, dirty and time consuming. However, if left unattended, gutters bring more problems. Dirty water starts to spill over the side, staining the outside walls. Plants begin to grow in the gutters. The roof may even start to leak. A variety of solutions are available for clogged gutters, and each has its pros and cons.

Screens or mesh guards are often used by Atlanta roofing professionals to keep gutters clean. They are cheap and easy to install, but they don't always work well. Although they are good at keeping out leaves and large objects, dirt and debris can work their way in through the screens. Before too long, there could be a thick layer of sludge beneath the cover. It will add extra weight to the gutters themselves and possibly clog up the drain spouts. Eventually, it may even fill the troughs completely or cause them to collapse.

Some homeowners install filters that fit inside the gutter.

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In this design, foam is fashioned to fill the entire top of the gutters while leaving a channel for water at the bottom. This sounds like a good idea, but it ends up working much like the screens. The openings in foam may be smaller, but they are still there. After all, the water has to get through somehow. It doesn't take long for soil and seeds to end up under the foam. Soon, the homeowner may notice greenery poking through the foam.

Solid gutter covers leave only a small gap between the cover and the gutter. The outside edge of the cover tilts down to nearly meet the edge of the gutter, and the edge of the cover curves down into the trough. Water follows the curve into the gutter while debris slides off the slanted top to fall to the ground. Some covers are flat and not angled toward the edge. These can be problematic because debris collects on top. With the flat design, leaves are also more likely to follow the water into the gutter instead of falling to the ground.

No solution is perfect. Every home requires some maintenance, but solid, angled gutter covers will drastically reduce the frequency of required cleanings. For best results, homeowners should have the system professionally installed as well.

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