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Large, unobstructed windows create a natural lighting effect that can brighten any room in a house. While most rooms have access to the outdoor surroundings, some interior spaces rely strictly on artificial lighting for illumination. Traditional skylights may be a practical solution if the area has enough square footage, but, often, small nooks are unable to accommodate full size roof windows. A tubular skylight requires only a few inches of ceiling space, and it brings in an abundance of natural light. Atlanta roofing specialists can provide more information about this affordable, effective option.

Round skylights are known in the construction industry by several names, including sun tunnels, tubular daylighting devices, sun scopes, circular skydomes, sun pipes and light tubes. Tubular skylights are designed to reduce the effects of specific problems caused by regular roof windows such as glare and uncontrolled light patterns. These apparatuses reflect and redirect the spectrum of light. Rather than allowing furniture and other interiors to fade, light tubes filter out the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays along with invisible infrared rays that cause interior spaces to heat up excessively. They reject the high angle rays from the noonday sun and maximize the horizon's low angle rays. These TDDs have been on the market for more than 20 years and are available for a reasonable price.

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Perhaps the greatest benefit of a tubular skylight is easy installation. Without the necessity to reframe, the job can be completed in a few hours. A simple hole saw will make space in the roof for the sun pipe. Once it has been properly sealed, the product will prove to be both useful and energy efficient. The developers have even added LED lights to some models so that they can illuminate rooms at night as well. For residential structures, the sun scopes should be about ten inches in diameter. Commercial buildings may require large, possibly multiple, tubes.

In addition to functionality, tubular skylights have a creative facet. They can wall wash, accentuate soffits, draw attention to a living wall, highlight an aquarium or fulfill other aesthetic purposes. They are typically sold with the appropriate flashing materials included. Whether plastic or metal, flat or pitched, the correct flashing type for every roofing system is available. Likewise, the customer has a choice between a rigid or flexible tunnel when choosing a round skylight. Each product should have a sealant kit and hardware along with an adequate warranty.

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