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Many homes have windows that are past their prime. Maybe they don't open easily, or they let drafts inside. Someone in the past may have replaced the original windows with new panes that clash with the house. Whatever the reason, it's time to do something about those old windows. Is it worth putting in all new windows, or is there some way to make the old ones better?

Modern double pane windows are much more energy efficient than old single panes loosely set in lumber. Modern vinyl windows do not require periodic scraping and painting, and they will probably be much easier to open, but replacement isn't always the best option.

Original windows add a sense of architectural continuity to a home, such as a stone cottage with leaded glass panes. The single layer may be drafty, but replacing the original windows can detract from the home and decrease its value. In a situation like this, it is usually best to keep the originals. Atlanta roofing and window professionals may be able to add a layer to the outside to protect the glass and keep out drafts.

Many windows look just fine, but they are a real hassle to open. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as rubbing a candle along the tracks.

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The wax will help to lubricate the sash and let it slide more smoothly. Windows that are painted shut take a little more effort. It is possible to cut them open with a sash saw, but that isn't always the best solution. If the paint is thick with chips and drips dried into it that require stripping, scraping and repainting, then replacements may be the best option.

If the concern is energy efficiency, simply applying caulk may solve the problem. However, some windows are just too far gone. Rotten window frames can be caulked and painted, but that will only be a quick fix. The homeowner will have to deal with the problem again before too long.

When a homeowner chooses to repair, it is important to be aware of the dangers of lead paint. Any painted windows that have been around since before the 1970s probably contain lead. Homeowners should be especially careful when professionals are sawing through or scraping off this paint. Hazardous dust and chips can infiltrate the home.

The decision to replace or repair windows ultimately depends on a homeowner's priorities and preferences, but there are a few guidelines to follow. If possible, homeowners should always keep windows that are original to a historic home. Rotten wood and excess paint jobs may not be worth repairing, but simple fixes can increase energy efficiency without the cost of a full replacement.

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