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Atlanta Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Attic Ventilation

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When most people think of a roof, they think of a structure designed to keep wind and rain outside of a building. The truth is a little more complicated than that. Good Atlanta roofing actually allows some air to cycle through the roof. In fact, the lack of ventilation can be detrimental to the roof and cause it to deteriorate and develop leaks much more quickly.

In cold areas, a ventilated roof is less likely to develop hot patches that can cause uneven melting and ice dams. In warmer climates, a roof that can't breathe will trap super heated air that can damage the structure from within. Ventilation not only keeps the roof from aging prematurely, but it also helps reduce utility bills. The heat that escapes through the system would otherwise diffuse back into the living area.

The system on most residential roofs uses a combination of vents and an attic fan. The vents are usually located beneath the eaves or at the very top of the gables. They are designed so that air can enter without letting in rain or other precipitation. The attic fan expels the moist, warm air that collects in the attic. The system usually works well, but problems come up when the attic is not completely sealed off from the living area.

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This can cause unpleasant drafts in the home and energy loss.

Improper storage can slowly cause the attic insulation to leak. Boxes and other items that are stacked directly on top of insulation begin to compress it. That makes it much less effective at containing the heat or cold in the attic and away from living spaces. If the space will be used for storage, always lay boards across the support beams. This will hold the items up above the insulation and protect the airtight layer between the attic and the house.

The attic access hatch is another common source of air leaks. As it is repeatedly opened and closed, the seal around it becomes loose. It's a good idea to inspect the hatch every time that the roof is inspected. Holes created for recessed lighting and other fixtures are also frequent culprits. Make sure that any holes punched into the attic are properly sealed.

Proper ventilation can double the life of a roof and prevent many common problems. Every attic should be inspected for leaks and to make sure that the system is working correctly.

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