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There are many reasons people who need to repair or replace their roof should rely on Atlanta roofing professionals instead of attempting to do it themselves. Getting onto the roof can be difficult for those who are not accustomed to using ladders or working from heights. Once on the roof, the potential of a fall is an obvious hazard. Add to this the difficulty of getting the necessary tools and materials there and the task quickly becomes too big for many people to tackle. Another issue that may not be recognized as a problem until it is too late is how to deal with heat while on the roof. The weather does not necessarily need to be extremely hot to cause a problem. With the sun beating down upon the surface, the roof will begin to absorb and build up heat. In addition, the reflective surface of many roofs will produce radiant heat that will have an effect on individuals who are working there.

Homeowners may be at increased risk of heat stress because they simply have not been acclimated to these conditions the way those who make their living at it have. Tolerance to working in heat must be built up gradually over a period of a couple of weeks. Persons who begin to experience heat exhaustion often feel dizzy or light headed.

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This is a dangerous situation for those who are trying to come down a ladder during this time. Being on the roof alone can compound the issue even more. Homeowners may not have the opportunity to utilize a buddy system. Those who find it necessary to be on the roof should avoid the hottest part of the day whenever possible. They should also avoid large meals, caffeine and alcohol prior to beginning the work. These types of drinks cause the body to lose water and decrease the ability to fight off heat stress. Individuals can be at increased risk if they take certain medications or have a past history of heat related illness.

The roofing surface will easily become hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight, especially if it is metal or dark in color. One should wear proper shoes to protect the feet and gloves to protect the hands. Trying to get off a roof in a hurry because one's feet burning with every step can result in a fall. To avoid these and other types of health risks when going onto a roof, a simple review of things that can go wrong followed by appropriate planning can be invaluable.

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