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With today's continually rising cost of living, savvy homeowners are seeking ways to capitalize on the investment that they have made in their homes. One great way to save money and increase the market value of the home is to install a solar shingle roofing system. Solar shingles provide outstanding roofing protection and have the added benefit of capturing energy that can be used to supplement the home's energy needs. A certified Atlanta roofing contractor can advise homeowners on the viability of installing a solar shingle roof for their home.

Solar power has been used quite widely in commercial applications since its discovery in the 1960s, but homeowners haven't yet fully taken advantage of the money saving benefits of solar power. This may be because the solar arrays used to capture energy were large and not very cost effective for small installations. Solar shingles are the answer to some of those problems and are now available for a reasonable cost so that homeowners can reap the benefits of this low cost, clean energy source.

Solar shingles are made up of small cells that function with similar effectiveness as a huge solar array.

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They are constructed to be the same size and shape as a typical asphalt shingle, and they can be applied to existing roofs along with other traditional roofing materials.

Solar shingles are usually connected directly into the electrical grid of the home though they can be connected to a battery array as well. Unless it is vital to have power during an outage, it is not usually cost effective to use a battery system. Hooked into the electrical grid, the captured energy supplements the power usage and can potentially produce excess energy that can be sold back to the power company.

Solar shingles are a greater initial investment than many other types of roofing systems, but they can potentially save thousands of dollars on the monthly electric bill. To capitalize on the savings, the home should have a southern facing roof that is not overhung with foliage. The size of the solar array matters as well. A certified contractor can calculate the amount of solar shingle coverage needed in order to save the property owners money each month. Theoretically, a solar roof can produce 100 percent of the electricity that a home uses, but careful calculation and an evaluation of the weather will be needed to ensure optimum efficiency.

Choosing energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products are one smart way for property owners to capitalize on the investment that they have made in their homes while increasing its overall market value.

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