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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Short Term Leaky Roof Fixes

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It's often a good idea for homeowners with roof leaks to consult with an Atlanta roofing contractor for help as soon as possible, but there are steps that can be taken in the meantime. There are a variety of short term fixes that can help homeowners reduce the worst effects of a leaky roof.

Homeowners who wish to improve their leaky roof with a quick, temporary fix can make use of plastic sheeting. It's possible to find plastic sheeting in a variety of thicknesses at just about any big box store. This is definitely a short term measure, and it won't last a long time, but it can be an effective way of keeping rain from penetrating a roof while waiting for a contractor.

It can be useful for homeowners to get some heavy plastic sheets and then nail them to the roof over the hole. There are special nails called roofing nails that will be perfect for this purpose. If possible, it's useful for homeowners to get standard wooden planks to put around the wood to help secure it while working.

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If wood isn't available, anything that's heavy and resistant to weather will work well, such as bags of sand or large stones. There are better materials out there than plastic sheeting when it comes to covering holes on the roof, however. An example is roofing paper. Other types of types of the same sort of material include tarpaper and roofing felt. Tarpaper is made by putting tar, fiberglass or other tough materials onto thick paper.

People have been using this type of paper for more than 100 years, but these days it's made largely of recycled materials. The material is waterproof, so it's ideal for keeping out rain. Roofing paper can usually be found at any local hardware store.

Roofing paper has to be combined with other materials that can secure it into place since it doesn't tend to be effective at resisting wind on its own. As a result, people often use it as an underlay for something better at resisting sun and wind damage, such as wood or asphalt.

If no roofing nails are available, roofing paper is often thin enough that a homeowner or contractor should be able to apply it with thick staples. When used as a temporary solution for fixing leaks, it's important to weigh it down if nothing else is going to be applied over it, however.

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