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It is not particularly difficult for an Atlanta roofing company to shingle a standard roof. They shingle hundreds of roofs a year and work on all types of houses. Their extensive experience means that a normal roof can be shingled in a relatively short amount of time.

Dormers, however, can be tricky. A dormer is a structure built up through a roof with three walls and a window. Its purpose is to raise the ceiling or perhaps provide an additional window. It is not easy to construct a dormer in the first place, but it can be even more difficult to shingle one.

Dormers are normally covered with the same type of roofing as the house. They are intended to blend in and look like part of the original structure, which they rarely are. The roofer will accordingly have to make the roofing of the dormer blend in with the roofing on the house.

The first step a roofer working on a dormer must take is to install a housewrap membrane on the places where the dormer and the roof meet. Next, they must tape the membrane into place along the window or windows.

Once the roofer has completed this, he or she will install roofing felt over the membrane. As dormers are small and highly sloped, it is difficult to install the paper neatly.

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If the roofer fails to do so, however, it is impossible to shingle the dormer properly.

The roofer will install the shingles on the dormer starting from the bottom and heading up. This will help him keep them perfectly aligned. An expert roofer will leave a small gap between the bottom shingle and the roof. This leaves room for the second layer of shingles to overlap.

Next, the roofer must install the second layer of shingles. Normal roofs usually do not get two layers of shingles, but roofers almost always install two layers on a dormer. This is because the structure is much more fragile than a normal roof, and any rot caused by water that gets through the shingles could be a big problem.

The shingles must be carefully trimmed to fit around the window of the dormer. This may be the most difficult part as shingles are not easy to trim. They are very strong and hard to cut but also brittle.

The last step in the process is installing shingles over the intersection of the roof and the dormer. The shingles must be placed and installed very carefully. They tend to snap when nailed over the place where two sections meet.

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