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Shake shingle roofs are gaining popularity in recent years due to their rustic, handmade appearance. A shake shingle roof is attractive, but it also requires a large amount of maintenance. Shake shingles are different from a shingle roof in that shingles are sawn on two sides and thinner at the butt. Shakes are split two sides and have uniform thickness. Both wooden shakes and wooden shingles are made out of cedar wood. They can last for up to 40 years with proper maintenance.

It is worth noting that most shake shingle roofs are warrantied for 20 years. Only with knowledgeable and regular care will they last for 40 years. Homeowners may want an Atlanta roofing company to take care of this to ensure the effectiveness of their roof.

Wooden shingles and shakes will come loose over time. This is not a big deal and can be rectified by nailing them down. It is important that the area around the nail be sealed with roofing cement to ensure no leakage occurs.

Some shingles or shakes will even split over a period of years. This is not a big problem. If the crack is small, the homeowner does not need to do anything about it. Only if the crack is large must he or she fix it.

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A badly split shake or shingle must be repaired to avoid the integrity of the roof becoming compromised. It can be fixed by inserting a strip of metal beneath the crack. This will weatherproof the shingle and preserve the rustic appearance of the roof.

A warped shingle or shake must also be repaired, of course, but this process is a little more involved than that for repairing a split shake or shingle. The shingle or shake must first be removed. This is not as easy as it sounds. It must first be broken into pieces and pulled out, piece by piece. A hacksaw must be employed to cut off the nails that were binding the shake or shingle in place. It is also possible to use a shingle ripper.

Once the warped shingle or shake has been removed, it must be replaced immediately. Again, even one missing piece can compromise the entire roof. Homeowners can buy cedar shingles or shakes from the local hardware or home supply store. They are not cheap. It is also possible for shingles and shakes to be made by hand by the homeowner.

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