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When a severe storm hits, it can cause serious damage to all parts of the home including the roof. Therefore, if severe weather is in the forecast, it may be a good idea for those who believe that their roof is vulnerable to talk to an Atlanta roofing professional. A roofing professional may be able to take steps prior to the storm to ensure that damage is limited.

After severe weather occurs, there are several signs that homeowners can look for to determine if any significant damage has occurred. For instance, split seams or granules that have accumulated in the downspouts or in the gutter could signify a weakened structure. Other signs of damage include dented roofing tiles or dented gutters or downspouts. If a damaged gutter or downspout is not fixed, it could cause significant flooding in the basement as well as large pools of water close to the foundation of the home.

It is important to point out that damage can occur regardless of how strong a storm may be. There have been many instances where straight line winds have caused more damage than a tornado rated strong to severe on the Fujita Scale. This is because damage can be exacerbated by the direction of the wind, where the home is in relation to other structures and whether flying debris is present.

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In some cases, damage can occur that a homeowner may not see for months or years after it happens. While the first sign of apparent damage may be a crack or drip in the ceiling, water can stay trapped inside of the walls where it can eat away at insulation or wood. The moisture may also create a prime area for carpenter ants or termites to build a nest or start one or more colonies.

It can also cause mold to form in the inside of the walls as well as cause structural problems throughout the rest of the house. In severe cases, cracks in the wall could be a sign of roof damage that has gone unchecked for a long period of time. Therefore, it is critical to call for an inspection after a period of heavy weather if the roof is old or shows other signs of damage. If damage is caught soon enough, it may be possible to repair only a portion of the roof or replace only a section of the gutter instead of having to replace the entire structure.

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