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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Selecting The Best Underlayment

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Of all the aspects of a roof replacement, one of the more important decisions that needs to be made concerns underlayment. Because the material sits between the visible shingles and the wood deck of the roof, it usually falls prey to the out of sight out of mind mentality. However, different types of underlayment, often called tarpaper, offer specific benefits for owners. The process of making a decision on which product to use comes out of a discussion between the homeowner and the contractor during the estimate process. After the old roofing is removed, underlayment is the first material applied to the new roof.

Atlanta roofing contractors will take the time to analyze the existing material before finalizing any decisions on roofing material. Once the examination is complete, the contractor will recommend any changes or to continue with the previously used product. Of course, the homeowner can decide to go with a stronger material in an effort to get a few more years out of the roof. Basically, spending a little more for a better quality material can add valuable years to the expected lifespan of the roof. However, there are certain situations that dictate that heavier material be used, and the roofing contractor will be able to determine if the project calls for a certain grade of underlayment.

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The unique aspects of the roof come into play when deciding which underlayment is used. While standard roofs can utilize a 15 pound underlayment, steep roofs call for use of a 30 pound underlayment. Different synthetic products can be put to use as well. The real deciding factor on materials is the budget of the project. A heavier weight underlayment or synthetics are more expensive, but they may have a positive impact on the long term life of the roof. The valuable membrane created by any of the materials is water resistant, which keeps the elements outside where they belong.

In the end, a great looking roof is important to the overall aesthetics of a home, but a functional roof is also of equal or greater importance. Since the roof is exposed to the environment, making wise choices to avoid having future problems is an important decision. Homeowners should be aware that there is much more to a roof than what is visible from the street, and all the materials work together in a perfect symphony to produce a weather tight seal as well as additional benefits.

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