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A home's roof plays a significant role in the structure's overall energy efficiency. A solidly built, well insulated roofing system minimizes unwanted air exchange with the outdoors and provides ventilation that improves airflow. The roof's large exterior surface can absorb a great deal of the sun's energy, which also affects the interior environment. Homeowners who want to lower their electricity expenses can work with a local Atlanta roofing service to install a new cool rooftop that minimizes sunlight and heat absorption.

A cool roof has two properties, which include solar reflectance and thermal remittance. Reflecting the sun's rays lessens the heat going into the structure, while thermal remittance involves letting out the heat that has been trapped within the structure's attic space. Roofing material manufacturers usually rate their products based upon these two attributes. Roofing companies can help property owners sort through the technical details to gain an understanding about each product's efficiency at blocking out the hot outdoor air.

One of the easiest ways to benefit from a cool roof is to have roofers install light colored reflective tile. Pale slate, ceramic or concrete tiles can all perform the function of reflecting sunlight.

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For optimal performance, the tiles should be glazed with a white pigment that allows the UV rays and heat energy to bounce back into the atmosphere. The benefits of choosing reflective tiles include an enhancement of the home's curb appeal, added resale value and a long roof lifespan.

Another cool roof option is metal. Any sort of light colored metal, including tin or galvanized steel, has reflective properties. Metal roofs also have the advantages of durability, long lifespans and environmental friendliness. The application of a radiant treatment to the surface of the metal enhances the roof's efficiency. This material costs about 50 percent less than reflective tiles.

On homes with a flat or low sloped roof, a reflective coating can simply be painted onto the rubberized or asphalt surface. This is the lowest cost option of all cool roofing types. A homeowner can apply this special reflective paint on their own, or they can opt to have it done by an experienced roofing contractor. An entire residential roof can easily be coated with a five gallon bucket of the polymeric paint. Roofing systems that have had this type of covering applied may see the surface temperatures lowered by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which can yield a 20 to 40 percent savings on air conditioning bills. Flat roofs used as patios will also be more comfortable when outfitted with such a coating.

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