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According to recent reports, roofing is one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States. A fall from a high roof can cause serious injuries or even death. Homeowners who decide to do roofing work themselves or even clean their roof or gutters should make sure to take safety precautions. An experienced, reliable Atlanta roofing professional can take care of roof maintenance and repairs for homeowners so that they won't have to risk going on the roof themselves. Following here is a list of some of the most important safety precautions workers will take.

People should check the weather before starting a roofing project. Rain makes roofs slippery and strong winds can make people lose their balance. A sudden storm during a roof repair or replacement could also cause water damage. Even during sunny weather, people on a roof should wear a pair of boots with a deep tread to reduce slipping. Sweep the surface of the roof with a broom to remove dust and debris and improve traction even more. Without this step, loose granules or pebbles could cause a fall. Scrap lumber is often nailed to roofs to create foot holds. The lumber is removed and the nail holes are sealed when the work is complete.

Use a sturdy ladder that's tall enough to reach at least three feet above the roof.

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Tie it to an anchor point so that individuals will have something to hold onto while climbing onto and off the roof. A gutter guard or a ladder standoff will protect gutters and make the ladder more stable. A gutter guard fits over the gutter, while a standoff lets the ladder rest on the roof or the wall instead of the gutter. The ladder should be set on flat, firm ground. If a good spot isn't available, use plywood to make a flat surface. Homeowners can also dig holes to hold the ladder in place if the legs are sitting on dirt or grass.

Homeowners and professionals should also wear a safety harness attached to something strong like the chimney and a hard hat, especially on steep roofs. A harness is an OSHA safety requirement if the pitch or steepness of the roof is greater than 30 degrees. Individuals should work in a pairs or groups so that another person will be there to help if an accident occurs. The presence of another individual makes calling for help much easier if someone is hurt. Homeowners should contact a professional if they don't feel confident that they can complete roof maintenance or repair safely.

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