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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Roofing Projects and Rainy Days

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Even a perfectly scheduled roofing project can experience weather issues. Sudden summer storms or late spring showers can quickly saturate a roof in just a few minutes. When Atlanta roofing professionals start a project, they always keep potential bad weather in mind. From using compression to activate new shingle attachments to concentrating on one roof section at a time, contractors work diligently to maintain a strong surface even during an entire replacement project. Homeowners can do their part during a weather event to keep an eye on the structure until roofers return on a sunny day.

The moment bad weather threatens a job site, professionals expertly cover any exposed roof areas with a tarp. They'll secure it down and move all workers off the roof. A tarp may flap slightly in the wind, but it serves as a strong temporary barrier to any moisture into the roof deck.

Roofers will leave the property for the day if rain consistently falls. Homeowners should walk around their interior and carefully look for any leaks. If any leaks are noted, stem the flow by using buckets or rags to prevent further damage. Contact the roofer for extra instructions. The company may be able to send a professional to work inside the home to stop more leaks.

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Peer outside and take a look at the gutter flow if possible. Sheets of water shouldn't cascade from roof eaves but should consistently flow through a downspout and into nearby drains. Any information about water flow helps roofers when they return. They'll know if any gutters must be sealed, adjusted or replaced after a strong storm. Gutters are a key part to a roofing system but are rarely tested for durability.

Contractors often leave stacks of materials in the yard for installation purposes, including roofing felt and shingles. Homeowners shouldn't be worried about covering or protecting these items. Remain indoors to stay safe during the storm. Contractors will have pulled their vulnerable items away from any rainy areas, including power tools and specialized tooling.

Homeowners should be diligent about looking for an experienced contractor before signing any agreements. They'll have specific job duties in place for all workers to follow while avoiding any weather damage to a roof project in progress. Even if bad weather doesn't strike, experienced roofers will have plans ready to implement if necessary. Water damage is extremely costly if a roof fails to protect during a repair or replacement.

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