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Most homeowners do not intentionally set out to do harm to their roofs. However, many seemingly innocuous activities can present a higher risk of roofing leaks, wear and tear on the shingles and clogs in the gutter system. A property owner who discovers any of these issues at their residence can find reputable Atlanta roofing contractors to have the situation inspected and remedied as needed.

One of the leading unintentional ways that property owners cause damage to their roofs is by not regularly cleaning out their gutters. The rain gutter collects all sorts of debris, from granules that wash off the asphalt shingles to seeds and leaves from deciduous trees, pine needles, pinecones and even bird nests. A semiannual gutter cleaning prevents water from backing up and flowing underneath the roof or from overflowing and causing problems with the home's walls and foundation.

Another common but accidental cause of roof damage is from tree branches brushing the roof and sides of the home. Animals and insects can gain access to the roof's wooden substructure by simply walking across the branches. The blowing wind allows the branches to scrape off shingles. A sudden heavy wind or storm may even knock large branches off the tree, causing them to hit the roof and crack shingles or tiles.

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The trees roots may grow and block underground downspout pipes, causing water backups. Trees should be trimmed to be no closer than 6 feet from the edge of the roof. If possible, homeowners should avoid planting any trees within 20 feet of the house.

Installing accessories on the top of the house is another cause of roofing damage. Antennas, satellite dishes and skylights that are improperly installed may void the roof's warranty and cause water leaks and other problems. Whenever possible, antennas and satellites should be placed on the ground or on their own pedestal to avoid damaging the house.

In efforts to spruce up the house and boost its aesthetic appeal, some homeowners hire contractors or rent a power washer to clean the siding and any stains that have developed on the shingles. The powerful jets of water can do much more than getting stains and dirt off the roof and siding. They may actually cause water to infiltrate into the home's wooden framing. Too high of a setting on the power washer can even blow off metal flashing, knock off vent caps and damage caulking, mortar and masonry.

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