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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Roofing Issues New Homeowners Should Know

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Purchasing a home should be an exciting moment, but the excitement can quickly die if the homeowners are unprepared. With purchasing a home, the homeowner is responsible for any damage that occurs or future repairs that need to be made. This makes it very important to understand what to look for when making the purchase, and the roof is one of the key places to consider.

The first thing a homeowner should do when purchasing a house is read the home inspection report. The inspection is what tells the buyer what problems there are with the house as well as help the Realtor determine the price of the home. Buyers want to make sure they are not letting their emotions get in the way of making a smart decision. If the roof is beginning to age and the buyer still likes the house, work the replacement into the cost of the house.

Buyers also should not rely on the inspection but rather hire a professional to take a look. Atlanta roofing professionals are trained to look for problems that are normally overlooked. If the roof inspection is good by the home inspectors, talk to a roofing company about getting a second opinion.

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The sooner roofing issues are dealt with, the fewer drastic situations will arise.

When buyers purchase a house, they usually will get a basic warranty. The warranty does not always cover everything, so homeowners should read the warranty and have a professional break it down. It is important that the buyer knows what the home warranty will cover and what it will not cover. This helps buyers to take full advantage of the warranty when things go wrong.

In addition to a home warranty, new homeowners need to talk to their insurance agent to find out what the policies are regarding roofs. Most homeowner's insurance will only cover damage to the roof that is caused by an outside force, such as a storm or fire. However, if damage is caused by aging or poor installation of items on the roof, it may not be covered.

Finally, when purchasing a house, homeowners need to make sure they have money set aside for repairs. It is best to have at least $15,000 set aside when buying a house to handle any issues that may suddenly come up. A roof that leaks will quickly lead to a house with water damage in very short amount of time, which leads to more repairs that may cost more money than the original fix.

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