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Most homeowners don't think to check their roofs for major problems when the tiles are just 10 years old. However, some environmental events and other issues can cause accelerated deterioration of the roofing system. Becoming familiar with the symptoms and causes of premature roof failure can help any property owner know when it's time to contact a trustworthy Atlanta roofing company for roof replacement.

One of the clearest signs that a roof has become worn out is a water leak or moisture stain on the interior wall or ceiling. A roof in good condition should not be leaking at all. An active leak or moisture on two or more walls suggests that there are widespread problems extending throughout the roof's substructure. When the roof's decking is saturated, the entire roof will need to be replaced by an experienced contractor who is also able to check the rafters, joists and beams for weakening.

Another strong indicator that the home's roof is better off being replaced is when the property owner is taking care of a roof repair or related problem on a frequent basis.

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If a metal strip blows off one month, a strip of tiles the next, followed by leaking gutters a week afterward, this suggests that the whole system is failing. Rooftop problems feed into one another, and frequent problems are expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Replacing the old roof may be a better choice economically and for peace of mind.

The aftermath of a severe weather event may also be a good reason to have a roof replaced. An incoming tropical storm, hailstorm or powerful thunderstorm may damage a roof beyond repair or cause it to experience a decade's worth of wear and tear in just a few hours. Leaving a roof in poor condition on a home just sets up the stage for a sudden roof leak and other ongoing problems. Replacing the roof as a preventive measure can avoid the risk of having to replace drywall, flooring and furnishings as well.

Most roofing contractors will provide homeowners with a free written estimate of the cost of making repairs to a badly damaged roof. If a roofing service recommends a replacement, it is because they sincerely believe that it is in the homeowner's best interest to put a new roof on the residence. This opinion may be based upon the cost of repairs versus replacement, the extent of the damage and the age of the roof.

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