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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Roof Maintenance For Mold and Algae

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One of the most unsightly aspects of an aging roof is the appearance of mold and algae growth. Many mistake this unwelcome invader for a dirty roof. This is because the mold and algae cause dark streaking on the roof's surface that resembles dirt. While this problem may seem unavoidable, there are steps a homeowner can take to prevent the proliferation of certain types of fungi and algae.

Whenever mold or algae is spotted on a roof, homeowners should consider retaining the services of an experienced Atlanta roofing company. They will be able to offer a maintenance program that involves regular inspections of the roof and treatment for any growth that may be present. It is never recommended for a homeowner to attempt to remove the problem themselves. The traditional method used by most homeowners is an application of bleach and water to the roof, in addition to a pressure washer used to remove the algae and mold. This method, however, can easily damage the roof structure, dislodge shingles and create unsightly discolorations on the roof's surface. A professional will know how to treat the problem without damaging the roof. They will also know how often the roof will need to be inspected and treated based on the climate the home is in and the elements to which the roof is exposed.

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The type of roofing material chosen is also a factor that determines whether mold and algae will grow on its surface. Architectural shingles in general tend to be a better option for roofing material, and they do not promote mold and algae. Architectural shingles' consistency of tiny copper and zinc particles naturally deter organic growth. In addition, the method by which these shingles are installed help conceal the appearance of any existing problems. The fact that this type of shingle prevents growth helps to make this one of the most durable types of roofing material available on the market today. Additionally, some architectural roofs come with warranties for as much as 75 years, and the warranty life will depend largely on the manufacturer of the shingles.

Excessive shading can also promote mold and algae growth. If there are trees surrounding the home, it could be a good idea to cut some of the overhanging branches. The increased exposure to sun will help to keep the roof dry. Typically, pooling water on the roof's surface creates the conditions for algae and mold growth.

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