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If someone's roof becomes damaged and they have roof insurance, they will normally file a claim so that their insurance provider can pay for the repairs or replacement. Once damage is reported, an insurance adjuster is normally sent to the individual's home to inspect the roof for damage.

From there, an estimate will be drawn up, and homeowners will be told how much money will be provided by the insurance company to have an Atlanta roofing company resolve the problem. This amount may not always be the total amount to repair or replace a roof depending on the particular roof insurance policy someone has.

It is important that an insurance company is notified of any damage to a roof as soon as the damage occurs or is noticed. This is because damage can get worse and more expensive to fix. If someone holds off on making a claim with their insurance company, they may end up with a more expensive and labor intensive problem.

Not all insurance policies cover 100 percent of repair or replacement costs. Many policies reduce the amount of money they are willing to pay out depending on the age or condition of the roof. For example, if a roof is 10 years old or older, someone may get a much smaller payout for repair or replacement than an individual with the same policy and a new roof.

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If someone doesn't make a claim as soon as a problem is noticed and it becomes more expensive to resolve, they may end up paying out of pocket to cover the additional costs added by the delay.

Some policies only cover certain damages. Many roof insurance policies exclude coverage for wear and tear, which is damage that occurs over the life of a roof. Additionally, some policies do not cover acts of nature. For example, water damage may be covered if a roof is leaking but not if it was the result of a hurricane.

As such, it is important that people understand the type of policy that they have and ensure that it is appropriate for the type of home and where they live. If someone lives in an area where hurricanes or tornadoes are common, it may be a good idea to ensure that their policy does not exclude coverage for acts of nature. Should an individual be unsure what their policy covers, they can reach out to their insurance provider.

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