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Whether it is for a pending real estate transaction or simply for the homeowner's peace of mind, roof inspections are necessary from time to time. Contacting a competent Atlanta roofing professional is the first step to getting the inspection underway. Simply put, there are two aspects of a roofing evaluation, the inside and the outside. However, the inspector will examine several details to determine the condition of the roof.

Whether or not the inspection involves getting onto the roof depends, in part, on the inspector. He or she may elect to climb onto the roof and walk around to get a close up view. If the roof is flat and cannot be seen from the ground, getting onto it will definitely be necessary. A sloped roof that is visible from the ground may not require the inspector to climb onto it. Binoculars are sometimes used to get a closer look while remaining on the ground. Whether it is from the ground or the roof, the outer covering of the roof will be examined.

One of the first things the inspector will look for will be signs of damage. Things like tree limbs, high wind or hail can cause obvious damage. Asphalt shingles will be examined for torn places or sections where shingles are missing. Discoloration can also give the inspector some clues as to whether the roof has reached the age where a necessary replacement is forthcoming.

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Metal roofs will be checked for dings, dents and rust.

Where there are things like chimneys or vent pipes coming through the roof, an assessment will be made to determine if the flashings are still sealed and to make sure there is no water damage. If there are trees in the yard, they will be looked at to make sure there are no limbs touching the roof or ready to fall onto it. The sections of the framing that are visible from the outside will be examined for deterioration or damage as will the roof edges all around the house. Gutters will be checked to make sure they are carrying rainwater away from the house properly.

On the inside, it will be necessary to look in the attic for signs of water leakage. Wet spots and stains are sure signs that there has been a leak. The condition of the rafters will be reviewed to make sure there are no cracks or rotting. The roof decking will be checked for the same signs. If issues are found, they can be better dealt with now rather than waiting for serious structural damage to occur.

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