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Inclement weather poses a threat to any type of roof, but homeowners who do not regularly inspect their roof are particularly prone to experiencing roof damage due to heavy rainfall and hail storms. It is easy to forget about properly maintaining the roof, but once disaster strikes, it may be too late to prevent major damage from occurring. Not only is repairing a roof costly, but it can also be inconvenient; depending on the extent of the damage, occupants may have to leave the home until the roof has been completely repaired, due to safety issues. Atlanta roofing experts are aware of the dangers associated with even minor leaks, which can cause power outages, fire hazards and mold growth inside the drywall and insulation. If mold and mildew are not detected, it can cause health complications as well.

The purpose of conducting a roof inspection is to first assess whether repairs are necessary and to provide an estimate of the remaining lifespan. Roof inspectors will provide homeowners will a certificate verifying they conducted a thorough inspection, which could be a potential selling point if the homeowner decides to sell the house in the near future. Individuals who are searching for a home to purchase should be aware that the general inspector will not thoroughly check a roof. They will most likely only point out visible trouble signs, which may not detect major hidden problems.

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It is recommended to hire a roofing contractor to ensure the roof is in top condition before agreeing to purchase the home.

Roofing inspectors usually have a detailed checklist of materials to evaluate to ensure that the valleys, rafters, tiles and gutters are in prime condition. They will check for general wear and tear and ensure that tiles are not curling, loose or missing fasteners. If the roof has asphalt shingles, they will ensure there is not significant granule loss, which could indicate that the shingles may need to be replaced. They will also check the flashing, soffit and fascia for signs of rotting or sagging. They will also check the attic area on the interior of the home to ensure there are no signs of water leaking or moisture, which could cause the underside of the roof deck to begin to rot.

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that their warranty will cover the majority of problems with their roof. In many cases, however, a roof warranty will specify that the homeowner is responsible for having the roof inspected regularly to ensure extensive damage does not occur. A roofing specialist can help to ensure that the roof is in prime condition so it is protected from the elements.

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