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When designing a new home, the adage that less is more can truly work to the benefit of the homeowner. A simple design for the roof will create fewer maintenance issues than a complicated design featuring decorative flourishes. Atlanta roofing contractors often see problems with leaking that could have been avoided with a simpler roof design.

If a homeowner is designing the roof of a new home, a roof without any valleys should be considered. Valleys collect water and can become jammed with ice. It's much more common to find leaks and ice dam problems close to valleys than in the middle of a basic sloped roof. Roofers generally recommend simple gable style roofs, particularly in cold climates. These roofs look similar to what a child would draw when they are drawing a house. It's a roof with a simple triangular or upside down V shape. In hot climates, hipped roofs make more sense than gabled roofs because a hipped roof is better able to supply shade on all four sides of a house.

A lot of leaking problems develop around dormers and skylights. As pretty as they may be, they are frequently sources of ceiling leaks and contribute to the formation of ice dams in snowy climates. One roofing rule is to have as few holes as possible in a roofing system.

Metal roofing or asphalt shingles generally are recommended. While this is a matter of personal preference, many roofers recommend these types of tiles because clay and slate tiles are pricey.

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Concrete tiles can be fragile and difficult to walk on. While wood shingles are lovely to look at, they are very time consuming and expensive to install, and in some areas, they are illegal because of their flammability. Metal is durable and available in a wide variety of colors. Asphalt shingles are inexpensive and easier to repair than other types of roofing. The downside to asphalt shingles is that they are susceptible to algae and do not last as long as other roofing materials.

If an owner is building a home in a climate that experiences snowy winters, they can incorporate details in the roof to minimize the chances of ice dam formation. Making the ceiling as airtight as possible and putting a thick layer of insulation on the attic floor will help against ice dams. To maintain air exchange between the soffit and the attic, ventilation baffles can be installed. If at all possible, homeowners should try to avoid installing a roof that has valleys. If gutters are being installed, they should be below the edge of the roof so they don't get in the way of ice that is shedding off the roof.

During the design phase of a new home, homeowners have a chance to choose a roofing system that is least likely to develop problems. Choosing a simple design with few nooks and valleys is key.

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