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A severe hailstorm, tropical storm, high winds or sudden ice storm may cause a home to develop considerable roof damage. In a widespread event such as this, service times may be extended as experienced Atlanta roofing contractors have an increased demand. Fortunately, these tips can help homeowners prepare for a roofing emergency so that the damage to their homes does not get any worse.

The best time to get ready for severe roof damage is before it happens. Local homeowners can do a little research and create a list of reputable roofers that are able to work on their type of roofing systems. This list should include the company's phone number, email address, physical location and areas of expertise. A printed copy of this information should be included in a home management binder, while an electronic copy can be stored on a smartphone, tablet or computer. This list should be reviewed once every year to ensure that all of the information is still accurate.

Next, homeowners should identify which of their preferred companies offers 24/7 emergency service. Not all contractors are available for this.

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Property owners can make note of any companies that will come out at any time of the day or night, even if it is just to put tarps on the roof so that water won't come inside.

Homeowners should also review their insurance policies every six months or annually, whenever the policy is renewed. Due to recent spates of severe weather, many insurers have changed the terms of their coverage for roofing problems. Reviewing this information can help homeowners ensure that there aren't any unexpected and unpleasant surprises when a roof needs to be fixed.

In the event that the rooftop is damaged, the homeowner should refer to the contact list and get an estimate from each company. If many area homes were damaged, it may take a few days for contractors to return calls or to have an appointment available to come out and perform an inspection. This is especially true in extraordinary circumstances, such as a severe hailstorm or ice storm. Following an estimate, homeowners should receive a copy of it in writing.

Finally, homeowners should regularly communicate with any contractor chosen to perform work on the roof. Good contractors will not avoid answering questions from the owner of the residence. A final inspection of repairs should take place so that the homeowner feels satisfied with the completed work.

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