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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Roof Damage From The Weather

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Homeowners might not be aware of some of the most typical culprits to roofing problems. There are many things, from accidents to weather patterns, that might destroy a roof. With regular inspections and knowledge of the major causes of roof damage, a homeowner can enjoy a long roof lifespan.

Weather is a top culprit when it comes to roof damage. Rain damage can happen over a period of time if rain is prevalent in that area. For instance, Atlanta roofing is more vulnerable to rain damage because rain and thunderstorms are prevalent there. However, if an area only receives rain a few times a year, then roof damage will be minimal.

In many areas, snow is one of the biggest problems when it comes to roofs. Snow can accumulate quickly and linger, which causes destruction to roof shingles. Before snow melts, it might become ice if temperatures decrease, and then it will melt once it becomes sunny again. The melted water causes ice dams on the roof, which can then leak into the home and cause extensive damage. After a snowstorm homeowners should take out their rakes and clean any accessible snow off the roof. This will help decrease the possibility of wreckage and make it easier to clean if more snow comes.

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Hailstorms can cause a great deal of destructive to roofs very quickly. After a hailstorm, a roof should be examined closely to see if anything has been destroyed. Some things to check for are cracks, dents, broken shingles and missing screws.

Branches from nearby trees can cause major roof damage. If a storm hits or an area experiences heavy wind, the branches might fall of and destroy the roof's shingles. To prevent this, homeowners need to cut off any large branches that hang over their roof.

Major weather events are not the only source of roof damage, however. With time, roofs will experience normal wear and tear, sometimes leading to extensive repairs. Some roofs might need to be replaced completely if they are older than 20 years.

Homeowners need to be aware that anything can destroy their roofs. In addition, things like falling objects can also damage roofs. The most important thing to know is that homeowners should regularly inspect their roofs, especially after a storm, and take the proper measures to correct any damage that might have occurred. This will ensure that a roof will last as long as it was built to last.

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