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One of the biggest expenses a homeowner can face is the need for a new roof. This can be a major expense and often comes at a time when the homeowner can least afford it. For many homeowners, the choice to reroof is an easy one. They simply don't have the financial resources to pay for a new roof as well as the removal of all the old roofing materials.

While reroofing can certainly help homeowners save money, it is important that they understand exactly what this decision will mean for the future of their new roof. It can be easy to simply choose the least expensive roofing option, but hidden costs might actually make reroofing more expensive than the homeowner realizes. An Atlanta roofing contractor can help homeowners understand both the benefits as well as the pitfalls of choosing to reroof.

One of the biggest disadvantages that can easily be overlooked is the shortened life expectancy of a new roof that is installed over the old shingles. Asphalt shingles are designed to be installed directly over the underlayment. A clear roof deck with a new underlayment will provide the best foundation for the installation of roofing shingles.

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Unfortunately, when the old singles are left in place, the new shingles will not have the flat, rigid surface necessary to optimize their effectiveness and longevity.

Another factor that can increase costs for the homeowner while also contributing to the deterioration of their new roof is heat. When a roof has a second layer of shingles, heat is trapped between these layers, contributing to faster shingle deterioration as well as higher cooling costs.

An important thing that most homeowners overlook is that, even with the cost savings of reroofing, this savings is only temporary. The next time a new roof is needed, the homeowner will be faced with the added cost of not only taking off the original roofing materials but also the shingles that were installed during reroofing. This means the tear off costs are simply delayed and will be paid in the future.

Of course, for some homeowners, there is no option. There are also times when a homeowner might consider reroofing because they plan on selling or they will be putting on a new roof in a few years. This might be because of renovations or a roof upgrade. When reroofing is chosen, homeowners need to factor in all costs. Higher utility bills as well as higher tear off costs in the future might mean the cost savings of reroofing is negligible, if at all.

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