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Many homeowners enjoy owning a historic home. Not only do they get to own a piece of history, but they also get to be involved in the future preservation of historic properties. However, this can be hard work because many of the materials that were used to build the home are often no longer available. Regardless, historic homes still may need new roofs throughout their lives. Otherwise, the home could be at risk for termite damage, mold and water damage, which could eventually render the home unlivable. Because it can be difficult to find appropriate replacement roofing materials, an Atlanta roofing contractor may be able to help.

One of the most traditional roofing materials used on early homes were wood shingles. While these shingles are weather resistant when properly treated and maintained, they only have an estimated lifespan of approximately 30 years. As such, homeowners who own historic homes that have wooden roofs will likely need to replace the wood shingles at least once. However, it should not be difficult to be able to find traditional wood shingles that match the original design of the home.

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Additionally, homeowners who do not want to reroof the home using wood roofing materials but still want to maintain the historic appearance of the home may wish to substitute architectural shingles, which can be made to look like wood shingles.

Some historic homes were designed with clay tile roofs. As long as the homeowner consistently provides maintenance for their clay tile roof, it is possible for the roof to last for 100 years or more. There are instances where a homeowner may need to fix the substrate beneath the clay tiles; in these cases, the tiles can be removed for substrate maintenance and can then be reused. If a clay tile breaks and must be replaced, it can be difficult to hunt down matching reclaimed tiles.

Finally, some homes still have their original slate roofs. While many homeowners love the look of slate, the materials are difficult to install and can be prone to cracking and chipping as they age. Because the material is also on the more expensive side and extremely heavy, it is often recommended that homeowners seek out alternative roofing materials once the slate roof is no longer effectively protecting the home. Some alternatives include imitation slate roofing or architectural shingles.

Even though a home may be historic, the roof is still an important component in preserving the home. A trusted roofing contractor may know how to obtain the needed materials or what alternative roofing materials may be acceptable.

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