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Atlanta roofing contractors are often asked if the type of roofing material used can affecting cooling costs. The type of roofing can indeed affect cooling costs, which is why many homeowners elect to have reflective coatings applied. Reflective coatings can save individuals between 10 and 25 percent on their cooling costs monthly, meaning they more than pay for themselves over time.

Many reflective coatings consist of a white elastomeric, acrylic or polyurethane liquid that is similar to regular house paint and applied with a paint roller or brush. This liquid reflects sunlight away from a rooftop and back into the atmosphere. When dry, it forms a tight membrane that also helps provide additional waterproofing benefits to a roof.

Reflective roofs can also consist of solid sheets of rubber or plastic, and some are made from metal or clay tiles. These materials may be placed directly over the top of an existing roof to provide additional protection. The type of materials or coating used will depend on the configuration of the roof, the homeowner's budget and the look desired.

Reflective coatings extend the life of a roof by protecting it from harmful UV damage.

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The lower the slope or pitch of a roof is, the longer its lifespan can be extended. Flat or low pitched roofs can often have their lifespans extended by up to 15 years simply by adding reflective coating.

The most effective reflective roofing products have a high Energy Star rating. It's important to note that these ratings can decrease over time since reflective coatings tend to be less effective as they age. Dirt and debris can also affect how well sunlight is reflective, which means regular cleaning is a must. For maximum effectiveness, reflective coatings should be reapplied every 10 to 15 years and cleaned at least once or twice annually.

Roof coatings are measured by albedo, which is the amount of light reflected. The higher the albedo, the more sunlight it will reflect. It may cost slightly more to purchase coatings with a higher albedo, but the money invested will pay off in the long run in the way of additional energy savings.

To ensure reflective coatings last as long as possible, they should be applied by a professional roofing contractor. That's because the surface must be effectively prepared to ensure the coating sticks properly performs as expected. The additional money spent to hire a contractor will pay off by allowing homeowners to enjoy the maximum benefits possible from their reflective roof coatings.

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