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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Recycled Roofing Pros and Cons

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Repurposing used roofing materials such as tiles or shingles is a common idea among homeowners looking for ways to save a little extra money on home renovation. While recycled roofing can be a cost effective option for some homeowners, it does pose numerous risks. From faulty materials to difficult installation, there are numerous factors to consider before choosing to use recycled materials on an existing roof.

The first major consideration is the condition of the materials to be used. All recycled materials must be in good enough condition to gain approval from the local Building Department. Getting a building permit to work with used materials is one of the most difficult parts of repurposing roofing materials, and the time cost alone may not be worth it to some consumers. Once the project has been approved, it is still important to ensure that the material is high quality enough to last a length of time that will justify the expense and effort of installation.

Finding an Atlanta roofing contractor who is willing to work with recycled materials is essential to the installation process. Installing recycled roofing is even more difficult than installing new roofing for a variety of reasons. From securing the proper permits to managing the installation of used materials that may be damaged, working with a professional is the best way to ensure that a recycled roofing renovation goes well.

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Many contractors are reluctant to work with recycled materials, so finding a professional to work with prior to obtaining the used materials is advisable.

Another disadvantage to using recycled roofing is that it is difficult to match used materials, especially since many colors and textures are no longer manufactured by the time the materials are used again. Replacing a roof with recycled materials results in a significant amount of waste as some materials that seemed fit for use turn out to be unusable. It is easy to run out of materials during the middle of a project, only to find that there are no more used tiles or shingles in the right color.

Despite the disadvantages, recycling old materials can be an environmentally friendly route to take when renovating a roof. Recycled roofing may also save money, but homeowners should factor in the time spent on labor and obtaining a building permit to determine whether the savings are worth the extra effort involved in repurposing old materials. The difference in price between recycled and new materials may not be significant when factoring in the warranty offered with most new materials.

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