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If a roof has a leak in it, its source should be found and dealt with as soon as possible. However, the signs of a leak that can appear long before a homeowner sees moisture dripping from the ceiling. Becoming familiar with the initial signs of a leak may make it easier to diagnose the problem and keep costs to a minimum.

In some cases, an Atlanta roofing professional may be able to find a leak and make necessary repairs without the need to replace the entire roof. Often, it will take several years of consistent water damage for a small leak to spread and will necessitate the replacement of an entire roof structure. The key is to pay attention to the shingles on a pitched roof and to keep a lookout for signs of water accumulation on a flat roof.

Signs of a leak and subsequent water damage on a pitched roof include curled up, broken or missing shingles. Homeowners may first be alerted to a possible issue on the roof by the appearance of several rotted, curled or missing shingles.

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On a flat roof, pools of standing water may accumulate in areas where there has been damage to the roofing felt. This is referred to as a blister and can be repaired when contractors soak up the surrounding water, which repairs any damaged felt. During periods of cold weather, moisture may be removed with a torch or another heat source.

Typically, the hardest part of diagnosing the severity of a leaking roof is finding the source of the leak itself. Water tends to flow downhill, traveling along whatever path it can take to reach the lowest possible point. This means that there is a good chance that a homeowner will notice a drip or other signs of water damage in an area other than where the leak originated.

Therefore, rotted shingles or a large area of pooled water on the roof that appears to be localized does not necessarily indicate that damage has occurred in one spot. A professional roofer will look for dripping water in the attic or look for additional signs of gutter or downspout damage to pinpoint its exact location. It may also be possible to pour a small bucket of water on the roof and see where it goes to discover the extent of the leak and determine the best course of action to take to fix the issue.

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