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An attic that is not properly insulated could be a problem for homeowners. In the summer months, the home can become excessively hot, and in the winter months, the house can become unbearably cold, even when the heat is on. This is because the average attic space is not equipped to deal with air that may either rise from lower floors or enter the structure from the outside.

Without proper insulation, the heating and cooling systems inside of a property may have to work harder to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. This means that heating and cooling bills are higher than they need to be throughout the year. It could also result in certain rooms being hotter or colder than other rooms in the home.

However, an Atlanta roofing professional may be able to inspect an attic and determine whether it needs more insulation to help regulate the temperature inside of the entire home. Upon inspection, a professional may also be able to determine if additional attic vents may also help maximize the space's potential.

When proper venting and insulation has been installed, it can help keep moisture away. By keeping moisture away, there is less of a chance that mold and mildew will be able to grow. Mold can be hazardous to breathe even in small quantities and can be difficult if not impossible to eradicate once it has taken hold.

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If homeowners store personal items in an attic that has mildew or mold in it, their belongings could be ruined.

It is estimated that a homeowner could save up to 20 percent on his or her heating or cooling bills simply by adding insulation or replacing old or worn insulation. In some cases, those who take steps to increase the energy-efficiency of their homes could be eligible for tax credits or rebates, which will further reduce the cost of heating and cooling the property. These credits may also reduce the upfront costs of such a project by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

While most people may believe that the attic is a musty space used to store items, it is much more than that. When properly maintained, it can be part of the heating and cooling solution instead of being the problem. Those who have allergies or asthma may also notice that they can breathe better due to a lack of mold or mildew. Finally, the right insulation may also act as a pest guard, which can also make a home safer and more comfortable to live in.

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